Beachcomber Lloydminster - Hot Tubs & Patio Business in Lloydminster

Beachcomber Lloydminster Hot Tubs, Patio and more, a joint venture company, has been in operation and serving the area for almost 5 years now, we have evolved from a locally owned and operated family business, a business that has built a solid reputation of reliability and service excellence, a business that built that reputation by the experience gained from over 30 + years of providing products and services to the other families in Lloydminster and the surrounding communities. That business??? R&D Plumbing and Heating.

Although Beachcomber Lloydminster hasn’t been around for 30 + years, it is rooted, in the knowledge gained through R&D Plumbing and Heating's history. It was a natural evolution for us, having the expertise of journeyman service plumbers on staff and a base of knowledge about what is required to repair a hot tub, becoming a hot tub dealer seemed to be a perfect fit for us and our customer base. Armed with that knowledge and combined with a clear understanding of efficient plumbing systems as well as years of personal use between the ownership group, we set out to find a brand that stood up to our standards, and after our extensive search, that brand was.... Beachcomber!!!

Beachcomber Lloydminster was now born and no other hot tub dealer can compare, as we are a professional plumbing company first and a hot tub dealer second. No one else has the expertise of journeyman plumber's on their staff. Not only does this support the customer in the purchasing and installation portion but for the many years of ownership ahead of them with any service issue that may arise, a multi vehicle fleet and a full service team ensure unparalleled customer support. This is just one of the assets that we have that truly sets us apart from everyone else.

We soon met and got to know other Beachcomber owners and managers. We quickly formed a relationship with one in particular, Beachcomber Edmonton. We soon saw the benefits of becoming a true “Outdoor Living” dealer featuring Patio Furniture, Fire tables, Umbrella’s, Smokers, and Gazebo’s. A strong partnership then developed between Beachcomber Edmonton and ourselves. Combined, our 30+ years of service in the plumbing & heating industry and their 35 years of experience and extraordinary reputation for service excellence in the hot tub and patio industry, ensure our customers have the highest level of service, expertise and product offering in Lloydminster and the surrounding communities.

Our Team at Beachcomber Lloydminster Hot Tubs Patio and More prides itself on providing the highest quality products, warranties and guarantees in the industry. Starting with The World’s Most Energy Efficient hot tubs, our team strives to provide our clients with exceptional and trustworthy products and services. We don’t expect to provide you and your family with a single purchase, we aspire to build a lifelong relationship, which is why we utilize a “No Pressure” sales approach and use education as the cornerstone of our success. “Educated consumers make the best choices” We are continually training our staff to provide the FACTS and believe so strongly in our product choices that given those facts we can confidently suggest and encourage our potential customers to “shop around” before committing to an investment. Not stopping there, we provide ongoing post purchase training and service support for all those products, namely in key areas such as water care and proper maintenance, all with the goal of continuing to grow that lifelong relationship.

We are very proud to offer a variety of high quality, great value products and services such as:

  • Beachcomber, The world’s most energy EFFICIENT and highest quality built hot tub, Canadian made and celebrating 40 years of business in 2018!!!
  • Free Hot tub water testing and on-going chemical training!!!
  • Premium Outdoor Patio Furniture collections from reputable manufacturers like OW Lee, Alumont, Plank & Hide, Woodard, Outdoor Greatroom and more!!!
  • Top of the line BBQ's, Grills & Wood Pellet Smokers such as Bull, Saber, Memphis and Green Mountain Grills
  • Covana The world’s only electronic Automated Hot Tub Cover!!!
  • Visscher Gazebos, The highest quality - Open, semi and fully enclosed gazebos, Canadian made and proudly featuring a 10 year roofing warranty!!!

We are very appreciative to Lloydminster and the surrounding communities that have supported us through these 30+ years. It is exceptional customers like you that have made it possible for us to continue serving the people in this area and we THANK YOU very much for the opportunity. In closing, to reference an old sales training quote “Take care of the customer and the customer will take care of you”

It seems that this has been forgotten in today’s business landscape of endless sales and internet shopping but we here at Beachcomber Lloydminster say to you, our existing and future customer:

Here is our company, we trust You

Here are our staff and their families, we trust You

Here is the future of our company, our staff and their families, we trust You

We are dedicated to taking care of You, and trust in turn,

You will take care of us.